Friday, February 26, 2010

End of February beginning Of March..

What i am wearing:
YSL tee
Siwy leggings
Christian Louboutin pumps

First of all sorry for the ugly background..I am devoting the YSL tee that gave me headache and long- wait..It was love,I am totally in love with it..I am taking back what I've said last time about the Siwy leggings,after all Fashion is not about comfort right?I started liking it..I mean it was kinda off on where i live but who cares..I am back to my old self..Confident but not conceited..So i wear it outside with a bright smile on my face..I guess the shirt tame down the sequin leggings..I know i should slow down with LOGO's but i can't help it..Well that's the reason why i got burned by those stabbers because they think i am a "LOGO WHORE"..Honestly it wasnt that nice..Would you rather "Pay that to get Paid"?I guess if i was the whore then i was not supposed to be paying,right?I feel sorry for those people who never gonna be happy if others were happy..I'll continue to do my thing,as long as i am not hurting anyone then its all good..Have a good weekend to all..xoxo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Late Heart day giFt..

I have 3 reasons to be happy last saturday.
  1. First, I've got the shirt from luisaviaroma after all the angry emails and phone calls(luisaviaroma and Fedex).Luisaviaroma actually didn't do anything. Just a wrong choice of air company to deliver thier stuff.Like what i've told the Fedex guy give me what is mine and i'll get over it.
  2. Second,I am going to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief with hubby.Which take alot of begging,since it was a kiddy movie(for him).
  3. Third,I've got the top i've been eyeing for a long time(taking about 8mons).
What i am wearing:
Zara jacket
H&M dress
Camilla Skovgaard shoes
I wore it last saturday to watched the movie.I feel alittle bit girly so i decided to wear my jacket and my kick ass shoes.Jajaja and it was true the movie house was full of kids.But i like the movie since my real name was taken from the Greek mythology.
Was so happy to finally have this top from Marc Jacobs.I've been eyeing this for awhile now.Lucky me i got it as a gift for Valentine's day(late one).But i am still so thankful.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FeDeX sucks

My worst week..I got a package from Luisaviaroma which is supposed to be here by Feb. 17 @ 5pm.But instead i have to deal with FEdex telling me to pay first before i could get my stuff.The funny thing is i paid 50 euro already,I am not saying i am not welling to pay the DDU.Of course i agree to pay $100 plus.To my surprise i paid already but they have to hold my package because they wanted the original OR.Which i am not welling to give them.I am not that stupid they might say i haven't paid anything and just took the money.The worst part i called again just to know where is my stuff.They told me i have to pay around $20 plus for stamp and safe keeping(WTF! i don't even wanted my stuff to be there for the first place).I guess it wasn't the corrupt customs after all.Fedex is just blaming them for the worst job they're doing.I guess big company have to wake up.You're gonna be losing clients.Plus they told me that a lot of clients got mad but LUisaviaroma still used them so it doesn't matter.What an Asshole(pardon my words)?But i guess Fedex have to check their employee.I just want my stuff.And it was my right since i was paying more than half of the price of the item for taxes.I am so angry,right now.Plus blaming on the nice collector guy for not getting the OR is such a lame excuse.He even took my brother to xerox the copy of it.Since he also don't think it was fair to just pay and not get the receipt.Hellooo???!!

Tribute to Mcqueen and Heart day..

Alexander McQueen featuring a heart shaped peep-toe pumps and blue contrast sole.Does it reminded you of Valentine's day?I love the heart shaped on top of it.It make the pumps look more unique compared to the ordinary boring pumps we see everyday.I don't actually know where to get it in red color.But if you're interested they have it in blue patent leather @ for £397.61.Sadly they don't have it in my size again.If anyone knows where i could get it,let me know?..PLs.....Size36..Thank you in advance..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year Shopping Resolutions..

  • Shop for more nude stuff..(shoes,clothing and bags)
  • I am not gonna buy another black dress,instead i gonna try to add pastels and nude.
  • Buy shoes i can walk in.
  • Start to wear more red..(nail polish or lipstick)
  • Buy jumpsuit.
  • Buy more statement necklace,cuff and ring..(for me cocktail ring is my best choice)
  • Try to add another classic piece of scarf or bag..
  • I gonna make sure to think first before I'll buy it..(do i need it,do i gonna use it)
  • Stop being so vain.
  • Invest on real Fur.
  • Go out with my friends as often as possible..
  • Stop arguing with my husband on every little things that doesn't matter anyway..
  • Start saving money.
  • Borrow real jewelry from my mom or big sister instead of buying new one.
  • Invest on more classic items instead of the latest IT bag..
  • Try to give back..
  • Enjoy life more..
  • To travel more often with hubby.
  • To see my family often and my hubby's family at least once a year.
  • To have a baby..(doesn't matter boy or girl)

Belated Happy Heart Day and Chinese New Year..

Happy Heart day to all..
Since Valentine's day was at the same date as the Chinese New Year,I am welcoming it with a red nail polish from Dior.Me and hubby didn't really do anything special last Sunday..My husband always say that Heart day is everyday..Well he got me a safety deposit box as a gift..Not the sweetest gift to get on Heart day, i know!But at least i wouldn't be scared to leave my maid alone in the bedroom while she was cleaning..
As for people who don't know about me i am partly Chinese from my mother side.I love collecting Buddha.Inside my house I have a lot of Chinese stuff like fortune plants and frog with gold coins in the mouth.
Lastly I've got the Siwy leggings today,I am not really happy about it.It's hard to wear it and the opening is too small..Well honestly its beautiful to look at but not comfortable to wear..But like what they always say Fashion is not only about comfort..
Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend with your love

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet dreams are made of this..

I am wearing:Rick Owens dress
Gucci (Tom Ford era) booties
I dream a lot,sometimes it last only an instant and sometimes its took forever.Sometimes dreaming is also getting what you've dream about.You don't need to pay full price on all those luxury stuff you wanted.I waited on end of the season sale most of the time,but the best place to be aside from Ebay(which i honestly dont check since i dnt have a PAYPAL)is The've bought a lots of nice stuff in a fairly 30%-70% off the original price.

Goodbye Lee "Alexander" Mcqueen

Lee Alexander Mcqueen (March 16,1969-February 11,2010)
My condolence to the family.It was unexpected,I was so sad when i read it from House of Jeroy blog today.I cant sleep it was 11am already.I am lucky enough to get my hand on his scarf design.I try to buy the ivory/black skull scarf @,it was sold out.RIP Lee Alexander Mcqueen..

Style Icons,The Fashion Queens and Princesses.

Victoria "the Queen of all fashion Queen" Beckham
Words are not enough to describe such polished,stylish,impeccable and doesnt careless fashion icon.She will do and wear whatever she wants.And she wasnt sorry for being who she is.All those Hermes bags and countless mountains of shoes she have.Dont we all just got so jealous how lucky she was?Just being married to David Beckham is a blessing already and this girl is unstoppable.Dont you wanna have a Rick Owens top that she was wearing or that YSL shoes she is walking in and maybe just to have even that furry thing in her IT bag?I would love too.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Who will not love her?Carrie Bradshaw or Sarah Jessica Parker?She is a style icon in her own right.She become an instant star icon and fashionista in a longest running TV series Sex and The City.She was the ultimate reason why women rush to the shop just to get a Jimmy Choo and the infamous Manolo Blahnik pair of shoes.Plus she made us realize that a TUTU is not just for ballet class.We love the imperfection on her, she wasnt perfect at all but because of her confident she become the PERFECT STYLE ICON.
Nicole Richie
Once a party girl turned IT girl,Socialite,Fashionista,now a mother and a fashion designer too.I bought my Balenciaga bag because of her.Jajaja.She was a walking and talking style icon-minus her cursing.Words is not enough to describe how she affected my fashion style.
Eva Longoria-Parker
Even though success come late for her,she made the best out of it.Married to a younger famous basketball player Tony Parker.With a famous hit TV series Desperate Housewives on her porfolio playing as the infamous Gabrielle Solis. Scheaming,seductress,she will do everything to be on top and above all she's very beautiful.Even she wasnt playing Gabby just Eva, she still look so sophisticated and gorgeous.With a BFF like Victoria Beckham,who wanted to look like trash bag next to VB?
Heidi Montag
She was the infamous,hated,attention loving and barbie look-alike co-star in MTV's The Hills.Although a lots of people don't like her,i do like her style.Don't you wanna have some of her beautiful collections of bags and shoes?One thing i dn't like seeing in her arms is Spencer Pratt.Those Miu Miu socks and ChristianLouboutin shoes made me love her style even more.
Gwen Stefani
A singer,fashion icon,fashion designer and above all a mother.I love how she can look like a rock star even just in a jeans and plained t-shirt.I even bought the same citizens of humanity jeans she was wearing in these photo.
Olivia Palermo
The young fashionista and the new IT girl.Thanks to the reality TV show which she was cast along side Whitney Port in MTV's The City.But what make her more famous is her own personal style.I love how she carry herself.How she blends expensives stuffs with vintage and high street finds.
Cheryl Cole
The beautiful Brit,very talented singer and songwriter,fashionista Cheryl Cole.She's all British pride,like her fellow fashion icon Victoria Beckham.Oh yeah they got something more in common aside from being married to England football players.They're both so polished and always stylish.

Some Old Photos...

I am wearing:Topshop top
Zara Jeans
Havaianas flip flop(very comfy)
I am loving my new bangs.So excited to style it with my new Fendi scarf ,i've got from Denmark last December.I am actually a scarf person.I collected scarfs since i was 13yrs old.The oldest and dearest scarf i have was my mom old LV scarf,that she actually took it back from me.But she gave me another one,that she said was just right for my aged and

I am wearing:H&M kids KISS tee
Terranova shorts
Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf
One of my fave outfit.I got stopped by a Photographer from a local newspaper for a street style in a mall.But sadly i didn't asked which newspaper he was working for.jejeje.I know it was silly of me,but my hubby was so in hurry that i didn't bother to asked.

I am wearing:Zara top
J Brand jeans
Christian Louboutin decollete pumps
Bulgari B.Zero bracelet
LV Damier Azur Speedy 30
Been a fan of J brand for a long time now.Their jeans are fantastic.They fits like a gloves.The cut was amazingly perfect for every body type.Well i been an LV lover for a long time,but this year i might turn my back on too much LOGO for awhile.But i am not saying goodbye FOREVER.
I am wearing:Bayo dress
Dr. Martens Patent boots
Tiffany & Co. Dog Tag necklace
The dress is from one of my fave local boutique in where i live.Got it for around $15.The shoes is from 3 inches heels is one thing i love about that boots.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Obsessing on Music,LV and Furry..

Been obsessing about Lady Gaga and Leighton Meester songs.My hubby got me the gold one for xmas last year.Obsessing over small gadgets lately.The furry thing is from IKEA that i bought in Denmark last xmas.I know i said no more screaming LOGO branded stuff,but i can't help it.Promise i'll try it on bags this year.Less logo less imitations walking around.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Evening Frame

Halston Heritage Evening Frame leather clutch $195.00 via
Complete an evening with a perfect size metallic leather clutch.With a detachable chain strap.( 3.5"H x 7"L x 2"D)
( 24" strap drop)

Halston Heritage Evening Frame sequined clutch £208.27 via
You can wear it two ways.It could serve as a shoulder clutch or a simple arm candy by detaching the chain strap.It's perfect to go for an evening of fun and glamour.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Real cat burglar

The real cat burglar.Barbie in Christian Louboutin.I wouldn't even try to compete with her..She was just a style icon.It was out of stock in

Welcome back S/S

what i am wearing: Please top
D&G belt
7 for all mankind jeans
Gucci "Queen" pumps
Gucci purse
I am one of those lucky few who got to live 15mins away from the city,minus the city-noise and pollution.The city view in our roof top was fantastic at night.The air is cold and fresh compared to the city.But every weekend me and hubby will go to the city for a dinner date or sometimes just a movie night in town.I love the casual effortlessly cool outfit.I found this blouse hidden over some new clothes.Since i am welcoming S/S i break the habit of all black instead i wore a pastel-coloured confection blouse.Now its time for this blouse to see the light after years in hiding.

Eye Candy

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes:Suede sandals, it got a hand-applied,multicolored Swarovski crystals and beads.

Strass Suede Caged Sandals

I would love to have it for S/S10..But its too pricey $1,595.00 via would love to see it on one of my fellow bloggers out there.And lucky me i wouldn't be tempted because the last size in shopbop was 37,way too big for me..jajaja

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hannah Slim Crop Sequin Legging Siwy $198 Now $139
Hannah Slim Leggings Siwy $218 Now $152.60
The fact that i am crazy about sequined clothing and accessories is not a big secret.But lately i am torn between those Siwy leggings.I was left undecided.I need help to decide.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Still the Queen..

Leighton best outfit.Arriving at MTV studios.
Somebody to Love(Leighton Meester ft. Robin Thicke)
Leighton and RobinThicke performing in an album release.
Don't you just love her boots.I love it especially it's Christian Louboutin.
Instyle UK March 2010
Leighton Meester performing..As u all know the girl got talent in singing too..
Greatest Hits:
  1. Somebody to Love
  2. Good Girls Go Bad
(via:gossip girl insider)
She was best known as the scheming Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.It's either you hate her or love her.I do love her..

Obsessing about those shoes....

Christian Louboutin Arielle Talon Ankle Boots

In buying shoes i have 3 rules:
  1. Its either the highest heels or the flattest.
  2. Shoes that i can walk in.
  3. Sculptural shoes.Architectural heels is in.
YSL red hot Tribute leather Sandals
YSL Tribute Patent Leather Sandals

Obsessing over it since 2008 but i don't know where to get it.Since YSL don't deliver where i live.Now i am looking forward in saving up for this baby and maybe the Mulberry patent leather too..They look good together aren't they?