Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pink Candy..

I am not a fun of hot hot weather,unless i am in the beach. So instead of bitching about it,i make the best out of it(dress up and be glamorous..). As you can see even the bermuda grass in the garden died-up because of to much heat. Sorry for not posting lately i was so sick because of constant climate change in where i live (HOT & COLD). The only consolation i got from being sick my Hubby take care of me(cook for me),plus he got a late Anniversary gift for me one morning(I'll add the photos soon) and at last after waiting for the new bed to be delivered at home for 14days,we finally get it last Saturday. I know being positive will help us get through all the rough times we're having now. There's always a reason to be thankful and appreciate life. And for me that's my Family,Friends and my Husband. Ooooppss! before i forgot my baby Hunter.

Prada sunglasses
Zara dress
Halston Heritage clutch
Gucci shoes