Thursday, March 25, 2010

Classy and Lazy..

I am wearing:
Vittorino dress(from my mom)
Christian Louboutin pumps(from hubby)
Chanel 2.55 bag(from my big sister)

As i promise since the last time i blog about my big sister gift a new Chanel bag,now here is the photos..I took it yesterday since that's the only time of this week i was out and dress up..I feel so lucky that aside from my hubby,mom,hubby's mom and sis,i also have two big sisters(might not be a real sister in blood but we love each other more that a real sister's in blood)..The other one spoiled me in my attitude and letting me be lazy(coz she still think i am still a baby even she knows i am already married now).But the other big sister i have aside from expensive material stuff,she was the one who's almost like a stylist(she's the only one i listen too when it comes to what i am going to wear).She will always tell me if she dont like what i am wearing or what i am going to buy..But lucky me once she like it,she will pay half or buy it for me..In return i always seek for both of thier advice in every hard decisions i have to make.But first to my two mothers(hubby's mom and mine)..I am happy having a small family but with alots of LOVE..Again happy anniversary BABY..kisses and hugs..

Roller Coaster Week..

Then just yesterday in our anniversary(not wedding,but the first time we met)he got me a puppy after seeing me crying over Chloe for almost 3days..I think he is so cute and sweet..i can't stop looking,hugging and playing with him..His name is Dimitri(my hubby think its so Russian,but i love the name)..Happy 3years anniversary baby..One thing i always know,he will love me and only me until we grow old and so do i..Well i got him a shirt from A/X since he don't want to have anything..But he love it anyway..He even wore it going to the hospital last night,because he thought he has DENGUE..Thanks GOD he dont have it..
First day of the week my female sugar glider die..She was handicap and blind..But i wasnt expecting she will just die in my hubby's hand..Chloe just stop breathing..RIP for Chloe..And to show her how much i love her i put her in the bed of flowers..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First photo for my Marc Jacobs top and Tory Burch flat..

I am wearing: Marc Jacobs top 7jeans Ck bag Ossie Clark scarf Tory Burch flat

I am so happy that day..I wasn't expecting a new bag since hubby was starting up a new business(company)..But my big sister gave me an advanced bday present..When i first saw it,LOVE at First sighT..It's a Chanel 2.55 Caviar(black)..I know i am kinda spoiled blamed it to my family and hubby..hehehe..Will put some photos(Chanel) maybe on my next post,since i still got a lot of new photos to be posted here..

My first blog award..

Thank you Sole sister..Its so spring..I am sorry for being away for awhile..But now I am back..
The award is from:Confessions of the Cookie Monster(she is so sweet,again thank u darling)

Award rule:
1. Post the logo on your Blog2. Pass it to 12 Bloggers that Inspire You3. Link the Bloggers and let them know

I'll Tag:
Confessions of the Cookie Monster
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Monday, March 8, 2010

5 Things on my Wish List

1. Mulberry Bayswater leather bag: The fact that it was one of the bag listed on the book 101 Things to buy before you die is enough reason for me to crave for the bag.The classic Mulberry was the first one on my List..Wish i could have them in my arms soon..
2. Halston Heritage Jersey V neck dress: One reason why i love the dress is because Sarah Jessica Parker wore it on her up coming movie Sex and the city Part2.Aside from the fact that it was Halston,and i love love everything that is Halston..Wish i was born when Halston,Bianca Jagger and Diane von Furstenberg was still partying in Studio54.
3. Halston Heritage gold box clutch
4. YSL Tribute platform sandal
5. Giuseppe Zanotti nude pumps

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today from shopbop and net-a-porter

One thing i love about net-a-porter is that they send post cards and now magazines..Aside from shopbop,net-a-porter was the best online shop..It wasn't a good day for me and hubby,i think we might have to move in Denmark this year..I am happy but partly sad about it..Anyways let go back to the happy moods..I've to invest on flats now a days because we wanted to have a baby soon..But as far as i know now we should never try yet..Now i own the Tory Burch classic Reva ballerina flats in black..Oh!well at least I've something to be happy about..

My toilet..

It's actually weird because if anyone gonna asked me which part of the house i spend more time aside from the bedroom(i love sleeping),I would choose the toilet..I am a neat freak at home especially when it comes to my toilets..I could eat in my toilet and i could sleep in it..Hehehe..I usually read my magazines in the toilet and do my make up there..My favorite stuff in the toilet is the hand chair which i used for my magazines..I also like the tub to have flowers and scented candles ready for relaxing time..