Sunday, January 31, 2010

NET-A-PORTER | Luxury online retailer of designer clothes, designer bags, designer shoes and designer accessories

NET-A-PORTER | Luxury online retailer of designer clothes, designer bags, designer shoes and designer accessories



Mulberry crazy for you..

But don't you all love the Alexa Mulberry bag?I like it but it's because it got the same name as me.Jajaja.But honestly i preffered the baywater than the Alexa.
Claudia Schiffer with her Mulberry patent leather baywater bag.
The infamous Mulberry baywater patent leather in black.
Kate Moss carrying the classic Mulberry bag.
Mulberry baywater leather bag £638.40
The bag makes me go crazy.It's kinda reminded me of the very expensive Hermes.I wouldn't mind not shopping for awhile just to have this baby in my arms.My personal choice will be the black Mulberry bayswater bag(the one in the photo)£666.40 .But i am also obsessing over the Mulberry baywater black patent leather it's formal enough for me and funky enough to add a rock chic vibes on a boring all black outfit.

Camilla Skovgaard First shoes for 2010

Where i actually get my blog name.It's started last weekend when me and hubby watch a movie.He told me my outfit looks like cat woman or the cat burglar.Then he told me why don't you make your own blog spot since you love to follow a lots of bloggers.
Devoting my new shoes Camilla Skovgaard with a Rick Owens top and seven for all mankind jeans.
Camilla Skovgaard
Been looking for this shoes since and don't have my size.Was ready to give up since even in Denmark they don't have it anymore,but god is good.I came across one website amelie boutique.They have my size but it was then again last paired.Now that i have it it makes me adore it more.It's more beautiful that in the photo.Added that it was so comfy.

All about me and my Obsessions..

Hermes enamel bracelet a gift from my hubby Xmas 2009.
My gift for myself '09 YSL cocktail ring.
Denmark'09.First Xmas i'll be spending with my hubby's family.looking at the picture it makes me miss them even more.I am wearing:Faux fur H&M,Juicy Couture motorcycle jacket,McQ skull scarf,Hunter boots,Balenciaga first bag.
Celebrating 2009 bday.Wearing Fendi dress,Miu Miu belt,Christian Louboutin decollette pumps.
Before i forgot my fave Burberry long sleeves top.I am also wearing a Burberry belt and my D&G cage ankle booties.
My gift i reserved from Hubby on my bday last year 2009.My classic decollette black pumps.I am also rocking my new citizen of humanity ripped off jeans.
Best Luggage bag..LV Damier Keepall.I also have it in Speedy 30.
Balenciaga Covered First bag,since its my first balenciaga i decided to get the First.
I can't remember if i bought this Jil Sander shoes last Dec.2008 or Jan.2009..The Best architectural heels i ever have and its comfy..I was obsessing over it for 6mons. until i finally saw the sign.Last pairs on my size so i didn't think twince.
I am still obsessing over this shoes..One of the most comfy shoes i have..One thing about me if i can't walk in that shoes even its so beautiful i wouldn't buy it.Plus i check the heels if its something(Like almost an architectural design heels).
Prada gifts from Hubby..Ooops the shades it was half paid by me and half by big sis...
Hongkong Shopping:Prada shoes,Prada flats,Prada gloves,H&M clothes,Miu Miu knee socks,D'squared swimwear and If six where nine dress..
Wearing the belt with my old topshop skirt,banana republic top(gift from big sis),Prada pochette and a Prada shoes..
One of the greatest gift from 2009 a Missoni belt from Hubby..
BCBG looking good wasn't easy.I love that BCBG top,even if it was so 2008 i am still so in love with it.
My first Christian Louboutin..
I don't remember if it was Xmas or New Year.It doesn't matter anyways.It's all about my new Louboutin my first Christian Louboutin shoes.I was obsessing over it since i was it on Kristin Davis(Sex and the City).
My bday 2008.The happiest bday ever.

I was never been a fan of water but i love going to the beach just to stay under the sun.
It was taken last 2008.I was super skinny that time.I just got married a year ago on that picture was taken so was still kinda in the period of adjustment.