Thursday, February 24, 2011

My outfit for the day

My outfit for the day
My outfit for the day by princesslexa featuring cropped skinny jeans
all mine
I have no idea it goes straight here in my blog..hehehe..Was just playing what i gonna wear on Sat. then when i check my blog,Wow i was surprise to see it here..It wasn't even done yet..I can't sleep today that i ended up cleaning the house..My maid was so shocked to see the kitchen was so clean and organize..Oh well have a great day everyone..xo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lady A

I am not lucky i am blessed..Last year i only buy bag one time..I've got alots of great gifts from my big sister(a Chanel and Dior bag),both are classic and i love it so much..I posted it because her bday is coming and i don't have any idea what to give her..I have a small gift for her so atleast i have something wrap for her to open on her bday..She have everything,so its kinda hard to get her something..Any suggestions?It will be helpful..xoxo

F21 shirt and necklace,Terranova shorts,Doc Martens boots & Lady Dior black patent bag

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rusty Date with Hubby..

Got really bad wind allergies last week with fever but i have to look good for my Hubby..So a girl got to do what she got to do,dress up and fixed her hair(even sick and not feeling well)..We're actually arguing about the color of my dress he said its rusty and its actually rust(he keep saying it was rusty)..But in the end i won its rust..hehehe..Went to the movie and dinner(Don't get me wrong we would loved to have a baby,but the freedom we have not having one is just great right now..We have all the time for each other..)It was an amazing night..

Asos dress,Jill Sanders heels,Jimmy Choo pochette
OPI (Tickle My France-y NL F16)
OPI(Natural nail base coat NT T10)
OPI(Rapi Dry Top Coat)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Minnetonka Madness


         Minnetonka 3 Layer Fringe Boots $90.00 @
 Available in Grey,Classic Brown and Black
Tips in buying Minnetonka:Buy one size smaller than your regular shoes size,Because it tends to get bigger after wearing it many times..
Spotted wearing it Miley Cyrus,Kate Moss and Nicole Richie Madden
 LNA muscle tee,Terranova ripped jeans,Dior shades,F21 dress,Mcqueen scarf,Balenciaga bag

Monday, February 14, 2011

Take me away:A secret place..A sweet escape:Take me away..

I got a pocket, got a pocket of sunshine
I got a love and I know it's all mine
Do what you want but you've never gonna break me
Sticks and Stones are never gonna shake me..

Natasha Bedingfield: Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Topshop dress,Pucci scarf and Havaianas Plus Orly nail polish in Gold
Fetish swim wear
My back
My love and Life
Floating yellow flower
Animal prints swim wear Bazaar
Topshop swim wear

Happy Heart Day!!

I am back..Happy Heart day,make it everyday..

My Life,Love and Possession..