Saturday, May 28, 2011

2 in 1

Sorry for not posting lately..Was so lazy(i know it is never been a good excuse being lazy)..Its been raining here lately,but we need to eat right?My choice of outfit for grocery store, i decided to go with my boring black jumpsuit ..Since i don't want the weather and my outfit to affect my mood,i decided adding alittle bit of color( a blue turban and my 2 in 1(laptop to clutch)..I saw the look from another blogger  a long time ago(that the laptop case has been used as a clutch)..And it was gorgeous,so i copy it..hehehe..Happy Sunday everyone..xoxo

I am wearing:
Cole Vintage jumpsuit(I am crazy about jumpsuits)
Asos Turban
Marc Jacobs(laptop case used as a clutch)
Tory Burch leopard prints flats( I am kind of obsessed with leopard prints!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Sweet Escape..

 Devoting my Jil Sander market acetate bag with my LV keepall and LV neverfull..
 Life in the farm thats what i wanted to have when i get old(like gray and wrinkled)..With the bday boy..
 As soon as i am back home i put my animal instinct into good use by wearing leopard prints..

 Thank u Mr. Porter for helping me with the gifts for my Hubby..
He love it so much..I only want the best for him because he deserve nothing but the best..Jeg elsker dig min mand..
The naughty part of my gift..hehehe..But i think that makes the belt extra special..