Friday, June 3, 2011

Ugly Hair..

Sorry about the ugly photos and ugly hair(until now i can't decide what color)..But i love my outfit so i am posting it anyways..Nothing especially i just need to pay the bills and watch movie(two movies actually Kung Fu Panda2 and Pirates of the Caribbean On the Stranger Tides)  by myself..My eyes look weird on the last photo because its so hard to focused when the sun is so sharp..

So black,brown or blonde?????What do you think??I need help!!Badly..

I am wearing:
See by Chloe shirt
Burberry belt
Bazaar shorts
Bazaar bracelets
Philip Stein watch
Jil Sander market acetate bag
Tory Burch leopard prints flats

Saturday, May 28, 2011

2 in 1

Sorry for not posting lately..Was so lazy(i know it is never been a good excuse being lazy)..Its been raining here lately,but we need to eat right?My choice of outfit for grocery store, i decided to go with my boring black jumpsuit ..Since i don't want the weather and my outfit to affect my mood,i decided adding alittle bit of color( a blue turban and my 2 in 1(laptop to clutch)..I saw the look from another blogger  a long time ago(that the laptop case has been used as a clutch)..And it was gorgeous,so i copy it..hehehe..Happy Sunday everyone..xoxo

I am wearing:
Cole Vintage jumpsuit(I am crazy about jumpsuits)
Asos Turban
Marc Jacobs(laptop case used as a clutch)
Tory Burch leopard prints flats( I am kind of obsessed with leopard prints!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Sweet Escape..

 Devoting my Jil Sander market acetate bag with my LV keepall and LV neverfull..
 Life in the farm thats what i wanted to have when i get old(like gray and wrinkled)..With the bday boy..
 As soon as i am back home i put my animal instinct into good use by wearing leopard prints..

 Thank u Mr. Porter for helping me with the gifts for my Hubby..
He love it so much..I only want the best for him because he deserve nothing but the best..Jeg elsker dig min mand..
The naughty part of my gift..hehehe..But i think that makes the belt extra special..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pink Candy..

I am not a fun of hot hot weather,unless i am in the beach. So instead of bitching about it,i make the best out of it(dress up and be glamorous..). As you can see even the bermuda grass in the garden died-up because of to much heat. Sorry for not posting lately i was so sick because of constant climate change in where i live (HOT & COLD). The only consolation i got from being sick my Hubby take care of me(cook for me),plus he got a late Anniversary gift for me one morning(I'll add the photos soon) and at last after waiting for the new bed to be delivered at home for 14days,we finally get it last Saturday. I know being positive will help us get through all the rough times we're having now. There's always a reason to be thankful and appreciate life. And for me that's my Family,Friends and my Husband. Ooooppss! before i forgot my baby Hunter.

Prada sunglasses
Zara dress
Halston Heritage clutch
Gucci shoes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Transparent vs Transparent

 Furla transparent Candy bag
The bag remind me of LV speedy.Just more colorful and playful.I like the transparent effect,which u can't hide anything.Plus it makes the security guards work easier,right?

Jil Sander acetate transparent bag £98.66 @ transparent acetate bag. Jil Sander bag has two top handles and a designer-stamped leather hanging tag.

I like it more than the Furla Candy bag,plus it doesn't hurt that it's way cheaper.It can be use in the city or in the beach.
Anyways i almost thought my blog got deleted,the thing is there is someone who's trying to hack my Facebook account including my gmail and this account.I just don't understand because i never know anyone from Kentucky US of A.Pls if you're reading this one stop it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Punta Fuego:Turista

Its our 4yrs anniversary(the first time we met '07)..My big sis own a vacation house in Punta Fuego so she give us a 2days vacation on her house(sadly we only used 1 1/2 day)..But it was all fun and all foods..I love traveling by car than by plane..
The sad part i lost my tiffany ring in the water..

Topshop top
Forever21 shorts
Bally wedges
Purple necklace(gift from my lil adopted bro Jackie)
Light blue shell necklace(gift from my Mom)
Swimwear Victoria Secret
Kenneth Jay Lane snake bangle
Green bangle and Purple hat Bazaar

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gray day

After what happened to Japan i got scared and worried so much..The world is so unstable right now,that's why instead of worrying i started doing the things i should be doing and learning..One is driving which is i am getting really good at ,next is learning Dansk which my Hubby was so proud of me for learning so fast..Lastly we're trying again for a baby,which is i am not kinda good at.. :(  

F21 dress
LV neverfull bag
Philip Stein watch

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tribute to my BFF,Big sister and Best shopping buddy..Its your Bday...

She's a great person,a great friend and a great big sister..Today its her day,she always let me shine everytime we're out so now it's her time to shine..I love her and big sister Ashley so much..They've taken care of me and gave me guidance and love when i needed it the most..Listening to all my dramas without judging me for the wrong things and decisions I've done in my life..To Agnes Cole cheers Happy bday and more bday to come..
1st photo:girls night out
2nd photo:The Villain versus The Hero..
3rd photo:Ashley and Agnes my BFF's
4th photo:Agnes glam up
5th photo:My last Year Bday celebration(late post coz i am lazy and busy last Year,sorry guys)
6th photo:Friends
7th photo:Salute!Cheers my bday ended up with Free champagne..
8th photo:Agnes advanced bday celebration last Friday with friends..
9th photo:Me(F21 top used as a dress,Dolce and Gabbana shoes,Nixon P watch,Lyn clutch) with the bday girl
10th photo: BFF's

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My outfit for the day

My outfit for the day
My outfit for the day by princesslexa featuring cropped skinny jeans
all mine
I have no idea it goes straight here in my blog..hehehe..Was just playing what i gonna wear on Sat. then when i check my blog,Wow i was surprise to see it here..It wasn't even done yet..I can't sleep today that i ended up cleaning the house..My maid was so shocked to see the kitchen was so clean and organize..Oh well have a great day everyone..xo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lady A

I am not lucky i am blessed..Last year i only buy bag one time..I've got alots of great gifts from my big sister(a Chanel and Dior bag),both are classic and i love it so much..I posted it because her bday is coming and i don't have any idea what to give her..I have a small gift for her so atleast i have something wrap for her to open on her bday..She have everything,so its kinda hard to get her something..Any suggestions?It will be helpful..xoxo

F21 shirt and necklace,Terranova shorts,Doc Martens boots & Lady Dior black patent bag

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rusty Date with Hubby..

Got really bad wind allergies last week with fever but i have to look good for my Hubby..So a girl got to do what she got to do,dress up and fixed her hair(even sick and not feeling well)..We're actually arguing about the color of my dress he said its rusty and its actually rust(he keep saying it was rusty)..But in the end i won its rust..hehehe..Went to the movie and dinner(Don't get me wrong we would loved to have a baby,but the freedom we have not having one is just great right now..We have all the time for each other..)It was an amazing night..

Asos dress,Jill Sanders heels,Jimmy Choo pochette
OPI (Tickle My France-y NL F16)
OPI(Natural nail base coat NT T10)
OPI(Rapi Dry Top Coat)