Monday, July 12, 2010

Mixed photos....

Since i am not gonna be blogging for awhile i decided to exit with some photos that i like..
I am wearing:F21 wrap
F21 top
F21 shorts
F21 ring
Balenciaga bag
Doc martens boots
Hermes bracelet

Alexander Wang top
Alexander Wang bra
Chanel vintage necklace

F21 lace dress
Prada purse
Camilla Skovgaard shoes
The ReaL Morticia Addams
Sweet dress from F21
LV neverfull bag
Salvatore Ferragamo wedges
LV scarf

It will took awhile before i post some photos here again..xx

Emilio Darling!

1st photo: Zara top
7 for all mankind legging jeans
Prada shoes
Mulberry bag
Emilio Pucci scarf

2nd photo:LNA long sleeves top

Sorry for been so lazy posting new photos lately..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I goT Carrie-AwaY!!

I am wearing:Plains and Prints jumpsuit
Prada pochette
Prada shoes
Hermes bracelet
STill hangover on Sex and The City the movie2..Since i am kinda in recession right now,instead of buying a Halston dress i got a $20 jumpsuit from a local store here in where i live..I think if u feel fabulous it doesn't matter if you're wearing a rag..hehehe..My hubby's not a fan of harem but after he saw me wearing it,he said it doesnt look that bad at all..xx

Sorry for being a bad blogger,you see guys i dont have a maid for more than 1month so i am a domestic wifey for awhile..hehehe..I miss you all..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A. Wang crazy for u..

What i am wearing:Alexander Wang shirt
Alexander Wang bra
True Religion Joey flared jeans
Jill Sander heels
Tiffany and Co. dog tag necklace
Balenciaga bag
McQueen scarf

What i am wearing on the last picture:
A.Wang shirt
havaianas flip flop
Chanel vintage necklace
I decided to change what i gonna wear for the movie after going home from the grocery store.jejeje
I am looking forward to watch Iron Man2 and it was really good.But i am not talking about the movie but instead the two hot ladies in Iron Man2 Gweneth Paltrow and Scarlet Johnson(she looks so classy and sexy in a black halo dress) .Aside from that i was so excited to wear my Alexander Wang shirt and bra.Plus i am also debuting my True Religion Joey flared jeans.And that havaianas flip flop it was torn into pieces(my puppy).

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue Magic..

I am wearing:Mango dress
Mulberry bayswater bag
Christian Louboutin pumps
YSL cocktail ring

Goodbye April,hello May..To start my month right,i am sticking to classic cut dresses and accessories..Just got back from the beach again,I am loving my tan and its so relaxing to be far away from the city once in awhile..We brought our puppy(hunter)and our couple's friend brought their cute daughter Isabella(6mons old)..We had a great time,plus the puppy slept for 7hrs in the car going to the beach..I also decided to get rid of my bangs..Hope all of u had a great weekend..xx

Monday, April 26, 2010

Inside my Bag..

Inside my bag:Fendi cosmetic pouch
Prada sunglasses
Wet Ones
Make up
Mac lipstick
Dior lipgloss
Tic Tac
Key chain
Chanel perfume
Phillips MP3
Blackberry phone and Nokia phone

Got my new Mulberry bayswater last week,but i overly used it..The bag is not heavy like what other people says about the bayswater..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Beach beah Beach..

Since it was summer i have a chance to wear a little lesser..Which i don't do that often, anymore..One more thing about me..I loved tattoo..I've got 4 tattoos,but my fave was the number 13 in my left arm..Got my first tattoo almost 7yrs ago..I never regret having them in my body..But to those people who wanted to have a tattoo,make sure u really like what u gonna put on your body because it will be forever..

My hubby was my bestfriend,my lover and my LIFE..I would be lost without him..
What i am wearing:D'squared bikini(bought it in HK but never had a chance to wear it until now)
FB Beach dress
Missoni belt
Havaianas flip flop
Finally Hubby find time to go to the beach with me..I was so excited that i forgot alot of things i gonna need in the beach..Lucky there's a Duty Free shop where we are going..

Friday, April 16, 2010

“I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.”

all white
all white by

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is that CHOO?

What i am wearing:Luca dress
Jimmy Choo sandals
Mikimoto Pearls earrings
YSL cocktail blue ring
Chanel 2.55 bag
I tried to stay away from all black colored outfit since it was S/S..Was so excited to find a dress for less than $60 and I find it classy and very 2010 color BLUE..The Jimmy Choo yellow color brought more fun to the outfit.I also used for the first time the Mikimoto Pearl drop earrings that my big sister gave me last December..
Isla Fisher “Confessions of a Shopaholic” at a press conference for the movie in L.A. & Kim Kardashian out in L.A. wearing the same Jimmy Choo Prize T-Bar Sandals S/S 09.
My new Spring favorites..Although the shoes and the bag was so 2009,I still try to search for that shoes.Saw one in aside from its not my size,its still way too expensive for a last season shoes(Even Isla Fisher wore it i dont think its a reasonable price to pay(original price $795.00 reduced $605.99)..Then finally found it in a local mall where they brought all the out of season sale(got it for $300)..I guess that's more like it..The bracelets(Hermes,Bulgari and MonicaVinader £94.37 via in the photo are my fave accessories at the moment and also the Roberto Cavalli snake ring..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Missoni for Converse

I can't believe when i found out that the italian fashion house Missoni is collaborating with Converse.I've been a fan of both Missoni and Converse for a long time now. It really got me so excited.But i guess the waiting list will be until 2011.hehehe.It will be available on Spring 2010 for $200.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Crazy week..

Every woman needs a pair of Choo..Devoting my BB Dakota S/S10 dress via $80
I am wearing:
LNA muscle tee LNA zipper leggings LV speedy30
From LNA muscle tee in black(since i have the white already) and Haute Hippie nude dress..
My big sis is back from S'pore i got a new top from Gap..I love tee,shirts and sleeveless white top..Since i am living in a tropical country i need those tops badly..

RIP Dimitri(1/13/10-4/1/10)

I was really sad for a week now..He was sick for almost 5days and yesterday at 10am he passed away in the dog hospital..I was crying for like an hours..I fall in love with him already..He love that toy so much..Since we got him he can't sleep without it by his side..He will be miss dearly..Shiela the owner of the pups told me today that it was ok to gave us another puppy since it wasn't our fault that why he die..But i know it would never be the same again..I love him the first time i saw him..RIP baby Dimitri..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Classy and Lazy..

I am wearing:
Vittorino dress(from my mom)
Christian Louboutin pumps(from hubby)
Chanel 2.55 bag(from my big sister)

As i promise since the last time i blog about my big sister gift a new Chanel bag,now here is the photos..I took it yesterday since that's the only time of this week i was out and dress up..I feel so lucky that aside from my hubby,mom,hubby's mom and sis,i also have two big sisters(might not be a real sister in blood but we love each other more that a real sister's in blood)..The other one spoiled me in my attitude and letting me be lazy(coz she still think i am still a baby even she knows i am already married now).But the other big sister i have aside from expensive material stuff,she was the one who's almost like a stylist(she's the only one i listen too when it comes to what i am going to wear).She will always tell me if she dont like what i am wearing or what i am going to buy..But lucky me once she like it,she will pay half or buy it for me..In return i always seek for both of thier advice in every hard decisions i have to make.But first to my two mothers(hubby's mom and mine)..I am happy having a small family but with alots of LOVE..Again happy anniversary BABY..kisses and hugs..

Roller Coaster Week..

Then just yesterday in our anniversary(not wedding,but the first time we met)he got me a puppy after seeing me crying over Chloe for almost 3days..I think he is so cute and sweet..i can't stop looking,hugging and playing with him..His name is Dimitri(my hubby think its so Russian,but i love the name)..Happy 3years anniversary baby..One thing i always know,he will love me and only me until we grow old and so do i..Well i got him a shirt from A/X since he don't want to have anything..But he love it anyway..He even wore it going to the hospital last night,because he thought he has DENGUE..Thanks GOD he dont have it..
First day of the week my female sugar glider die..She was handicap and blind..But i wasnt expecting she will just die in my hubby's hand..Chloe just stop breathing..RIP for Chloe..And to show her how much i love her i put her in the bed of flowers..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First photo for my Marc Jacobs top and Tory Burch flat..

I am wearing: Marc Jacobs top 7jeans Ck bag Ossie Clark scarf Tory Burch flat

I am so happy that day..I wasn't expecting a new bag since hubby was starting up a new business(company)..But my big sister gave me an advanced bday present..When i first saw it,LOVE at First sighT..It's a Chanel 2.55 Caviar(black)..I know i am kinda spoiled blamed it to my family and hubby..hehehe..Will put some photos(Chanel) maybe on my next post,since i still got a lot of new photos to be posted here..

My first blog award..

Thank you Sole sister..Its so spring..I am sorry for being away for awhile..But now I am back..
The award is from:Confessions of the Cookie Monster(she is so sweet,again thank u darling)

Award rule:
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