Saturday, May 28, 2011

2 in 1

Sorry for not posting lately..Was so lazy(i know it is never been a good excuse being lazy)..Its been raining here lately,but we need to eat right?My choice of outfit for grocery store, i decided to go with my boring black jumpsuit ..Since i don't want the weather and my outfit to affect my mood,i decided adding alittle bit of color( a blue turban and my 2 in 1(laptop to clutch)..I saw the look from another blogger  a long time ago(that the laptop case has been used as a clutch)..And it was gorgeous,so i copy it..hehehe..Happy Sunday everyone..xoxo

I am wearing:
Cole Vintage jumpsuit(I am crazy about jumpsuits)
Asos Turban
Marc Jacobs(laptop case used as a clutch)
Tory Burch leopard prints flats( I am kind of obsessed with leopard prints!)

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