Monday, March 7, 2011

Tribute to my BFF,Big sister and Best shopping buddy..Its your Bday...

She's a great person,a great friend and a great big sister..Today its her day,she always let me shine everytime we're out so now it's her time to shine..I love her and big sister Ashley so much..They've taken care of me and gave me guidance and love when i needed it the most..Listening to all my dramas without judging me for the wrong things and decisions I've done in my life..To Agnes Cole cheers Happy bday and more bday to come..
1st photo:girls night out
2nd photo:The Villain versus The Hero..
3rd photo:Ashley and Agnes my BFF's
4th photo:Agnes glam up
5th photo:My last Year Bday celebration(late post coz i am lazy and busy last Year,sorry guys)
6th photo:Friends
7th photo:Salute!Cheers my bday ended up with Free champagne..
8th photo:Agnes advanced bday celebration last Friday with friends..
9th photo:Me(F21 top used as a dress,Dolce and Gabbana shoes,Nixon P watch,Lyn clutch) with the bday girl
10th photo: BFF's


  1. Great pictures! You guys look fabulous!

  2. you ladies all look gorgeous!! and happy birthday to your sister :)

  3. You are both incredible, and -as long as I can see- you share the same amazing taste in clothes and accessories. Happy B-day to her from me!

    Have a great week!